Frame Facts

Most people might not think that frames are the most interesting things, but we disagree! Here are just a few framing facts that you can dazzle friends with at your next dinner party.  

  • The largest frame, at 150 x 93 meters, allows viewers to look through to see the old/new Dubai.  
  • The first known frames come from the Egyptians who carved rectangles into the same pieces of woods as their paintings.  
  • Frames became a way to transport art as more and more wealthy people where commissioning artwork for their homes.  
  • The Fine Art Trade Guild is the official rule setter for the framing world.  
  • Lara Khoury, of the United Arab Emirates, has the largest collection of empty frames at 2,214.  
  • Early American frames contain images of tobacco, corn, and wheat, whereas European frames mostly include the acanthus leaf.  
  • Frames change with period of art. New styles of art dictate what frame, if any, should be used.  
  • There is no copyright on frames. Because of which, two frames can look exactly alike.  
  • Some artists include the frame as part of the artwork. Then, if the piece sells and a new owner changed the frame, the entire piece is thrown off based on the artist’s original intention.  
  • Frames are such pieces of art that some people will hang them without an image inside.  

Hope your enjoyed today’s frame facts!