How We Got Started

Now that we’ve talked a little about how framing works, we thought we would share the story of how Mos Gallery Fine Framing became to be about 10 years ago.  

Our founder, Jessica, was always a lover of art. She often spent her days doodling in her notebooks or painting flowers from water colors. As a high school student, her love for art shifted to photography when her grandfather, who had his own frame shop, gave her first camera. She carried it absolutely everywhere with her.  

She thought about pursing an art or photography degree, but didn’t think that she had the right eye to make money off of her craft. Instead, we decided to pursue mechanical engineering, where she could still draw, but also make things with function.  

A few years into her career, Jessica was involved in a horrific accident at work that put her into the hospital for a few weeks. With the help of Jim Wetzle, she received a settlement from the company, and because she knew she didn’t want to back to her mechanical engineer job, Jessica decided to pursue an old dream: open her own framing business.  

Jessica’s grandfather had long her taught her how to make her own frames, which she did for her paintings and photos, but now she wanted to help other people put their own art on to the wall. So, she used the money from the settlement to open the business, and Mos Gallery Fine Framing has been thriving ever since!