Why Good Framing Matters

Many people think that framing is a waste of money, that you can just buy an old frame from a general store and that it’s fine. What they don’t know, though, is that a well-crafted frame can take a good image and make it a great one.  

Frames are not just something to hold a photo in place on the wall, but really they are a piece of work themselves. Frames should have the right color and type of mat to match and elevate a photo or piece of art. Some photos need off-white mats, and others gray. The wrong mat and frame could hide an image, make it harder for all of its glory to be seen.  

Also, good frames help photos stay for a long time. If you have a painting in a well-lit area, it might become sun damaged and worn overtime without the proper glass. You can also help preserve images if they are in frames that are made by hand and built to last. In our shop, you’ll find a framed photo from 1902 with the original frame. It keeps getting passed down from generation to generation because it’s still in great shape.  

So, the next time you need a frame, consider seeing a professional to help you find one that will preserve your image for many, many years!